The Pet Press is a free monthly magazine for
Los Angeles pet lovers.


First published in August of 1999, The Pet Press has become THE only local resource for
pet lovers in the Los Angeles area. The mission of The Pet Press is three-fold:

Promote Responsible Pet Care

Promote Spaying And Neutering

Promote the Rescue & Adoption of Pets


-Age has it's advantages.»
-How can I adopt a purebred dog?»

-10 Worst Excuses »
-Early Age Spaying & Neutering»

-I Am Famous Now»

Each issue of The Pet Press contains the following sections:

Your Pet's Health

Animal Help

Readers Views & News

In this section of The Pet Press you can find information pertaining to the health and care of your pets.

This is the section of The Pet Press that is most used and referred to by vet clinics, rescue groups, and animal lovers all over Los Angeles. 

Each issue features e-mails and letters we receive from our readers. 

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For more info about The Pet Press, contact Lori Golden at 818-998-1036 or
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